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TOP Web Hosting service provider In India

Hey friends, are you looking for best web host server?if you are interested in hosting a small website or E-commerce hub then you need to choose the best host service among you have to choose a host service following list.

Think about your web hosting needs

Before choosing a web host you have to decide your requirements. Which requirements?

3.technical Support space

Here we discussed this parameter in brief.


if your website includes only text then it’s not more important but if you want to contain images video, Movie download or any big file download then it’s required more bandwidth .it’s depend on your website.
in short how much data will be transferred on month?


Does it depend on how you wanted to load your site? for example, some web host service provider take a few seconds to load your site it’s okay when you have a small site but you have any e-commerce website than may you lost a more user in few second.

3.technical support

technical support is required when your site faces a problem like a server down. space

its depend on how many pages are available on your website? and the size of pages is more important. if you contain images videos any file then its take a more size so have to choose a which provide a more space.

multiple websites can be hosted on a single physical server.

Top 5 Web hosting service provider’s information available cost and facility.

1> Bluehost

Blue host provide a Three types of have to choose one as your requirement

3.Business pro

1.Basic package
  • 50 GB storage,
  • 5 email account
  • 100 MB storage each
  • cost is $3.45 per month.
2.Plus package
  • Unlimited storage,
  • unlimited domain,
  • subdomain,
  • an e-commerce support,
  • $4.95 per month.
3.Business pro package
  •  unlimited storage,
  • unlimited domain, and subdomain
  • high performance
  •  $13.95 per month.



Namecheap is a low-cost service provider.if you are beginner then it’s for you.plan started a $9.88 per year and only cost after renewing afterward is $3.24 per month.

for this package, you can get a 20 GB of a storage, plan .unlimited bandwidth, up to 3 domains and 50 subdomain and 50 mail accounts and additionally supported software.

Performance is much better for that price to compare to other web host service provider.
you can also upgrade

Professional plan
  • 50 GB of storage,
  • 10 hosted domain,
  • 100 subdomains
  •  cost is $19.88 per year.
Unlimited plan
  •  unlimited storage,
  • 50 host domain,
  • unlimited subdomain,
  • cost is $29.88 per year


3> Godaddy

Godaddy provides four types of can able to choose one as your requirement.



  • 30 GB Storage,
  • the unlimited bandwidth
  •  Host a single website
  •  RS. 99 per month.


  • 100 GB Storage,
  • unlimited bandwidth,
  • free business mail,f ree domain
  •  Host a single website.
  •  RS. 199 per month.


  • Unlimited Storage,
  • unlimited bandwidth,
  • free business mail,
  • free domain
  • Host an unlimited website
  •  RS. 309 per month.


  •  Unlimited Storage,
  • Handles the most complex sites and heaviest traffic,
  • unlimited bandwidth,
  • free mail,
  • free domain
  •  Host an unlimited website
  •  RS.549 per month.

hosting plan motion

  • Unlimited Disc Space And Bandwidth
    Free domain Name
    90 Days Money Back Guaranty
    $3.49 per Month
    Fast Hosting With Free SSDs
    1 click Installer With 400+ Application
  • Visit Site

5. Hostsoch

  • Free Domain For Life Time
    Unlimited Email Address
    Free Domain Privacy
    RS. 149 Per Month
    1 click Quick installer
  • Visit Site

6.Hosting Raja

  • Host One Domain
    Free .in Domain
    5 GB Bandwidth provide
    3000 MB Web Space
    Rs. 139 per Month
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  • Unlimited Domain Names Allow
    Unlimited database
    $100 Google Adword Offers & $100 Being ad credit
    Free provide
    Create a site with more than 1000 Mobile friendly temples
    $1.99 per Month
    good values
    High secure data center
    24/7 mobile, chat help available
    30 days Money back Guaranty
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Just Host

  • Unlimited Domain Names Allow
    Unlimited database
    $100 Google Adword Offers & $100 Being ad credit
    Free provide
    Unlimited Dist Storage
    $3.49 per Month
    24/7 mobile, chat help available
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9..Fat Cow

  • Unlimited Domain Names Allow
    Unlimited database
    unlimited mail Box
    $100 Google Adword Offers & $100 Being ad credit
    Free provide
    Unlimited Dist Storage
    $49 per year
    24/7 mobile, chat help available
    30 Days money back guaranty
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  • Unlimited Bandwidth
    25 Email IDs
    2048 Web Space
    Host A single Web site
    Rs.112 per Month
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